And so it begins…

chris-meez1I’ve been tossing around the idea of blogging for quite awhile now, and I guess the time has come. I plan to use this space as a venue to express what’s on my mind regarding both job-related and personal thoughts. I can’t promise anything earth shattering but rather one person’s viewpoint on different aspects of work and life.

So let’s start with the name Bacon Bytes. WTH? Well, the first portion of the title comes from my obsession with bacon. Over the last ten years I have developed quite an interest in food. I mean I’ve really grown to LIKE food! In a previous life, I only ate because I was supposed to…not any more. I now seek out great restaurant finds, watch The Food Network, and will plan trips around where I can find some good eats. One of my favorites?…you guessed it – BACON! I love it for breakfast, I love BLT’s, and I absolutely love it on my all-time favorite: Bacon Cheeseburgers! That being said, I would plan on seeing multiple restaurant/food reviews and random blog entries in the food genre. That should explain the “Bacon” part of this blog’s title.

Let’s talk “Bytes”. I am in the public education field. I was a middle school teacher (7th grade) for ten years in a Pennsylvania school district. While in the classroom, I developed a keen interest in using technology in my classroom. Those experiences lead me to take a technology integration position in that same district. I now visit many classrooms and work with many teachers integrating technology. Now in my third year with the technology department, my wife has dubbed me a full-blown computer geek. And you know what?…I don’t really protest too profusely. That should take care of the explanation for the “Bytes” part of the title. Warning…there will be posts to this blog about all things tech.

So there you have it…a preview of what’s to come on the Bacon Bytes Blog. Whether you choose to continue to read or not, thanks for stopping by and comments are always welcome. I can only hope this blog is half as enjoyable to read as The Other Side of Sunnyside! 🙂


One response to “And so it begins…

  1. Awesome! Look’n good so far, and I, too, love BLTs 🙂 Have fun!

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