Got Colored Milk?

MilkApparently it’s part of my personality to sometimes let little things bother me way more than they should. I believe my wife describes me as a bit “high-strung” at times (and that’s being kind). Well, maybe this blog will help provide a place for me to rant, and I can spare my wife the useless verbal assault about something like milk. So here’s the deal…my wife drinks skim milk, our almost two-year-old drinks whole milk, and the rest of us drink one percent. There are many times when I either stop for milk while I’m running errands or I’m asked to run to the store for milk because we’re out. I usually go to Weis Market or Giant or even the BP near our house. Now keep in mind, I’m buying up to three different kinds of milk for the family. I want to know WHY the different milk companies use all different colors of lids and labels for milk? WHY? All whole milk should be ONE color! I don’t care WHAT color it is…pick one for whole milk and everybody has to use that. Pick blue, yellow, green…put on polka dots for all I care. Just pick one and go with it! I don’t get it! What’s the thought process? Okay, well, Harrisburg Dairies makes their whole milk blue, so we’ll make ours yellow! Oooohhhhhhh…that’ll get ’em! I feel like Steve Martin in the grocery store when he rants about how the guys at the weiner factory and the guys at the bun factory get together and sell 8 hot dogs, but always 10 hot dog buns…WHY??? I think he may have been on to something! PLEASE just make all the milk lids and labels the same for everybody! I’m done for now, but this is only the first of many to come. Maybe I am a bit “high-strung”…is anybody with me?


2 responses to “Got Colored Milk?

  1. Courtney Baker

    I have to chuckle, because we are very similar. I drink 1%, my one-year old drinks whole, and my husband likes to cook with 2%. At first I wanted to buy half gallons, so they’d all fit. That’s not a wise investment. They rip you off on the half gallons.

  2. Courtney.
    Thanks. I’m glad SOMEBODY is with me. My daughter just got in the refrigerator for milk the other day and asked what color milk she drinks. I had to say that last week it was blue, and sure enough, this week it was yellow! UGH!

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