One to One Wrap



It’s been over a week and I’ve had plenty of time to let things sink in from the Getting to One conference in State College. It was my first time attending, and I was encouraged by a colleague to attend. I’m so glad she talked me into it…it was outstanding! I’m going to try something different for me and just produce a random list of thoughts and reflections.

* Keynote speakers were a definite highlight! Kyle Peck, Chris Lehman, David Warlick, and Cole Camplese were inspiring, interesting, and continued to solidify my “conversion” that there is an educational revolution happening right now with technology and it is a critical responsibility to help classroom teachers realize this. I think my favorite message from this conference was that we have to work toward the goal of technology in the classroom being like oxygen. We don’t think about breathing oxygen in and out each breath; it’s just something we do. I love the message…technology in the classroom should be ubiquitous! Couldn’t agree more.

* I was pleased with the overall framework of the conference itself. It is quite different from PETE&C. This conference was decidedly open to conversation. In fact, critical conversations are part of the break-out session schedule. I found the sessions that prompted conversation were the most beneficial. Don’t get me wrong, PETE&C is a great conference and I learn a great deal. However, this set-up is less prescriptive and more pedagogical, which is exactly what I was looking for.

* It’s always fun to meet people I follow on Twitter face-to-face. From my experience, Twitter has been amazingly accurate at identifying people’s personalities…in a positive way of course!

* I had the chance to see Prezi for the first time. I think I like it – I felt as if I were navigating through the presentation with David Warlick rather than simply watching it.

* Internet access was spotty and weird. I had access and the person next to me didn’t. Then I didn’t have a connection and the person next to me did! I didn’t  change any settings, but when I went to a different room it was fine. See…I told you, spotty and weird. Oh…and I had to use Ethernet in my room because “the wireless didn’t reach my room”. And of course the cable wasn’t long enough to reach the bed. 😦

* I find it interesting that having laptops open during presentations was once considered to be extremely rude, and now it’s expected and even encouraged! Pretty cool.

* I wasn’t sure how far people would have traveled to attend One-to-One, but I met some people from New Orleans, LA. I thought that was pretty impressive. Anybody know if there were attendees from farther away than that?

* Okay…I think I’m done, but I have to say I am certainly looking forward to returning next year for this conference! Maybe I’ll see you there.


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