Feeling LOST?

You should…that’s the beauty of the show! I suppose after investing five years of watching LOST and absolutely loving the show, I get a little defensive when people criticize it. If I had to guess, I’d say the majority of those people heard the hype about the show and tried to watch it in the middle of a season. Obviously there’s no way they could understand what’s going on, so they try to rationalize it and demean it. My feeling is thank goodness there is a show on television today that actually makes you think. You truly have to follow the show, remember what has happened throughout each season, and it really makes you think. We live in a society that thrives on immediate gratification, has a 24/7 news feed, and has an overabundance of garbage on TV. I think LOST is such an amazing show because it makes you question what is happening, it makes you want more every week, and provides some intellectual introspection…gasp! So bring on the finale…bring on the confusion…bring on the questions…give me at least a couple of answers…but I want to be LOST!

If LOST isn’t the best show on TV, you tell me what is…maybe I’ll start watching.


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