Top 10 Reasons Staci is Cool

stacidaveI know this woman who is SO cool she deserves her own blog post. At least that’s what she says and I promised her I would blog about her just to quiet her down. However, now I’m sitting here with this “promise” hanging over my head and a reminder every time she calls. I recently finished her Top 10 list of coolness, so without further delay…here is the Top 10 list of why Staci is the COOLEST! 🙂

10. Staci plays a mean game of Wii bowling. She hasn’t bowled a 300 yet, but she kicks Dave’s a$$.
9. She wears some crazy-a$$ shoes. Not sure where she finds those things, but they sure are somethin’.
8. Staci Rhubright Sorber took to Facebook like a fish to water. What took so long? Why the resistance? It took some convincing, but she’s now rockin’ Facebook like a pro.
7. She hates the Eagles. I don’t think this item needs any comment…but I’ll make one anyhow. What a colossal mistake the Cowboys are making if they don’t bring Pac Man back!
6. She’s the only one that did & will do shots of 151 w/ Lauren. Both these chicks are nuts…that’s like drinking straight kerosene.
5. Only someone of great awesomeness can quote from the momentous film Dumb & Dumber on the fly. I contemplated making this #1, that’s how great it is for her to dig that movie.
4. Staci is THE best God Mother. Seeing the kids is important to her. That alone endears her to us beyond anything else.sorbers
3. She amazingly adjusted to the role of mom. I think everyone knew she’d be a quality influence on Jared, but it has been fun to watch her in her new role. Plus…how could she be worse than the other female role models in his life!
2. She married Dave. Gotta give her credit…she did better than alright with this choice! In fact, Dave might be so spectacular he deserves his own post – we’ll see!
1. Staci is best friends with Lauren. This could be the ONLY possible reason that tops #2. Separately they are amazing women, but together they are…well, t-r-o-u-b-l-e!


Since I ONLY included 10 reasons here, I am obviously missing some other explanations for why Staci is SO COOL! Please feel free to leave a comment and share what you would add. Promis fulfilled, Staci. Now get off my back!

Love ya. Chris & Lauren


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