A Couple of Mixbook Tips

A little over a month ago I wrote a post promoting Mixbook.com and how great it has been so far in the classroom. Since that post, more and more teachers are using it and that is awesome! Like with any tool that gets used more, there have been multiple questions asked about how to tweak Mixbook so it does what teachers want. I hope these two tips help those that choose to use Mixbook in the classroom.  I am happy to place my Twitter plug here because I used Twitter to message the guys at Mixbook for some help! Follow @mixbook – great resource.

1. When you have multiple Mixbooks embedded on a site they all start playing at once, so how do I turn off the autoplay feature?

Within the embed code, there are multiple places where the code states (autoplay=true) – all you need to do is find those and change the word true to false.

2. The second tip for today is changing the width of the Mixbook. There are times when the embedded book will not show all of the text and it gets cut off. This can be adjusted by again altering the embed code. In this particular case we simply changed the width number to a larger number. Both the width and height are located in the code, so you can change the size of the entire book if you wish.

Images for this post were created using Snagit for Mac.

Hope this is helpful to anybody out there using Mixbook. If you have any other tips for using Mixbook in the classroom, examples, or project ideas, please share them here.


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