Need a Reason to Use Google Docs in the Classroom?

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Here’s 5 of them!

  1. Anytime, anywhere access – using Google docs allows students to NOT be tied to the school network! When a student creates a document at school and then wants to work on it at home, Google docs makes it easy. They can open that document with any computer that has internet access. No worries about the network crashing because your document is in the clouds.
  2. No pen drives. Students will never have to worry about a forgotten pen drive, a pen drive that becomes corrupt, or trying to remember which drive their document is on…it is in the cloud just waiting. No more excuses.
  3. Sharing – using Google docs allows students to share with one another and you, the teacher. Teachers and classmates can provide feedback and guidance when it comes to assignments and there is no overwriting or emailing. You can also track all edits and revert previous versions.
  4. No version issues – unlike Microsoft or iWork, when students use Google Docs there are no version issues. Whether a student works on a Mac laptop or a library Windows computer that can be accessed at school or whatever personal device they have at home, all they need is Internet access and they can work!
  5. Real-time environment/Collaboration – Students can work on documents or projects with classmates and discuss or make changes now. There is no waiting until they check their email or delay if one member doesn’t like a particular change. They can work together on something and see those changes in real time as they’re working.

Google Docs can be a powerful tool in the classroom to overcome many hurdles that have previously impeded extending learning beyond the classroom walls. Teachers and students now have an avenue to collaborate, learn, and share anywhere, anytime.


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