LiveBinder It

A few months ago, a colleague (and friend) shared a site called LiveBinders with me. It looked intriguing for sure, but I didn’t have the time to check it out completely. While I was building a presentation for a conference, I found myself needing to organize all my resources. I was going to list them in a wiki, but a list just didn’t seem like the most appealing way. I remembered talking about LiveBinders as an online organizational tool but never truly had an opportunity to investigate…now was the time. What I found was a simple and free way to organize my resources in a digital 3-ring binder.

LiveBinders does require that you sign up for a free account. It allows you to add web pages, videos, pdfs, and images. You can create tabs for your main ideas and then subtabs to support those main ideas with whatever media you’d like. You can view links like pages in a book rather than a list of URLs on a page.

You can add the “LiveBinder It” bookmark tool to your browser toolbar and add links to a livebinder automatically as you’re browsing. You can create a library of livebinders, make them public or private, and even embed them on blogs and web pages.

Use LiveBinders to organize presentation resources, handouts, video collections, archive school newsletters, post class assignments and more.

Here is the Podcasting LiveBinder I created for my presentation. Any ideas, comments, or experiences are welcome!


3 responses to “LiveBinder It

  1. Well now we have the binding computerized too. It’s amazing to see small traditional tools and techniques being computerized and taking the form of softwares. I too would like to try this tool out. Thanks.

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