Podcasting with GarageBand

I recently polled my Twitter network for some Mac specific podcast ideas. I received a great response! Special thanks to @paulrwood, @tonyvincent, @dianekrause, @carrievenable, @misterlamb, and @drezac – I now have a list of about 11 podcasts to knock out. The first one I decided to tackle was the one I thought was most challenging and that was to do a podcast on how to podcast. I used iShowU to record myself using GarageBand to create a podcast. I used a “This Day in History” theme to demonstrate some podcasting basics because I thought this was an authentic task that could actually be used in a classroom. I’m hopeful there is enough information included to get you started. I’ve included not only the screencast itself but also a LiveBinder of resources that may help in the podcasting process.

Please feel free to provide any feedback! Thanks and I hope this is helpful.

Podcasting Resources LiveBinder

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