Voicethread-It’s Not Just for School

I’m relatively certain that if you’re reading this blog you’ve heard of VoiceThread already. If not, you must check it out at VoiceThread.com. There are tremendous possibilities for use in the classroom. While on the VoiceThread site, be sure to check out the Browse tab and look through the gallery of projects. If you’re looking for some specific classroom ideas check out the “17 Interesting Ways to Use VoiceThread in the Classroom” blog post by Clif Mims.

The true reason for this post is to share that VoiceThread isn’t just for school. I’ve been doing some reading about the summer learning loss that often happens for kids while they’re on summer break. My wife and I have two daughters of elementary age – one going into fourth grad and one going into second grade. We’re making a more concerted effort than ever to help them avoid the “summer slide”. One of our efforts is to require summer reading. Our girls have spent a significant amount of time at the library discovering new books to read, tracking their reading time for rewards, and even using technology to share what they’ve read.

Below is an example of what they’ve been doing this summer. My second grade daughter read a book called High Tide in Hawaii. She reviewed each chapter and created an illustration for each. It has been tremendously rewarding for us to see their enthusiasm to do “school work” over the summer by engaging them with technology. If you have a moment, please feel free to share any thoughts with her here or on her VoiceThread. Thanks for taking the time to let us share.

Unfortunately, I cannot embed her VoiceThread in my blog since WordPress.com doesn’t allow Flash embedding.  Nonetheless, please click on the VoiceThread image below to access her VoiceThread.

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