Voicethread Connections

This is a follow-up post from last week about using VoiceThread. Since that particular post was more about how I was using VoiceThread over the summer with my children, I didn’t really go into any resources for it.

For those teachers not familiar with VoiceThread, there is an educator network available for teachers and students. You can register for an education account or upgrade to a year-long classroom account. Details can be found at ed.voicethread.com.

I also wanted to shed the spotlight on a resource that is outstanding for asking questions or connecting with other VoiceThread users. This resource is the VoiceThread for Educators Ning which is now being hosted on the Classroom 2.0 Ning site. Mark Carls, the organizer of the VoiceThread Ning, has created a place for educators to share ideas and get questions answered. Please take the time to visit the Ning to see how other educators are using VoiceThread in the classroom, connect and collaborate with other classrooms, or get your questions answered.

Thank you to Mark for your time and effort to help so many educators!


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