PD Doesn’t Have to Stop When Summer Starts

During this past summer, Clif Mims put out a challenge for individuals to participate in some summer professional development and set some personal learning goals. I knew I had some plans to complete some individual learning over the summer, so I decided to participate and challenge myself to ensure I completed what I aimed to do. Here is a recap of the goals I set for myself:


  1. Read Disrupting Class by Clayton Christensen – I did finish this book over the summer and it was outstanding. It’s even more interesting to me now during this national discussion occurring right now about the need for systemic change in the U.S. education system. Christensen stresses that a student-centric model is what we need for real reform to take place. I strongly recommend this read!
  2. Successfully host a Google workshop for teachers in my school district – One of the requirements from the Google Teacher Academy I attended was to share what I learned and help others see how Google can help them and their students in the classroom. I am proud to say that another integration teacher in my school district and I successfully proved a full-day training session on as many things Google as we could cover. We were able to share Google Apps for Ed, Google Search, Google Earth, and Google Mobile.
  3. Successfully complete my summer grad course (LS529) – first summer course I’ve ever taken. – I was a little nervous about this course because it was my first summer course ever, and it was a Library Science course which is out of my comfort zone. I am happy to report that I survived, I earned an “A”, and I learned!

Thank you Clif for putting out the challenge. My summer was more professionally productive than I would have imagined. Summer is a great time for teachers to relax and recharge. And teachers need that time for sure. But it can also be a time for stress-free and relaxed reading. Please share what goals or PD you completed this past summer or something you’d like to accomplish during this school year.

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