Electronic Scavenger Hunt

As a continuation of my effort to share what teachers are doing in schools, the following post was written by a middle school technology integrator in my school district. Trish Klinger works with teachers and students at Lemoyne Middle School in an effort to use technology to implement and enhance the curriculum. Please provide any feedback for the teacher  or students. Thanks for reading!

Electronic Scavenger Hunts at LMS!

Students in the 6th and 8th grades at Lemoyne Middle School were treated to a special learning unit on GPS, or Global Positioning System in April.  Mr. Stan Bielawa’s 6th grade Social Studies classes and Mrs. Julie Walizer’s 8th grade Science classes were able to learn how GPS works and use GPS receivers in class.  Mrs. Trish Klinger, the IIA at LMS, was able to borrow a set of GPS receivers from PAECT for 2 weeks.

During the unit, the students learned all about how the satellites in the system send a signal to the receiver which translates that into your location.  They also learned about the sport of Geocaching which is like an electronic scavenger hunt!  The containers contained questions and puzzles relating to the unit.  The students were able to go outside and hide a ‘cache’ and then hand off the receiver to a classmate to find it.  Everyone had a great time learning how all this technology works.


Show me the cache!


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