QR Codes…the beginning

Our school district is experiencing many economic challenges like so many other districts across the country. The technology department has taken an especially hard hit over the last two years. As an instructional technology specialist, I feel as though it’s part of my job to find ways to overcome this shortage and continue to innovate using free resources, tools, and technologies. So as this school year started, I set a goal to use an emerging technology with students. As I continued to observe the emergence QR codes , I decided to go in that direction. It was important to me that I use them in a meaningful way instead of just another “trick”, so this is the first post in a series that will chronicle our use of QR codes…

I began by doing some research on QR codes and observing how they were being used. After getting comfortable with the idea of using them in what I thought was an effective manner, I wanted to start by posting some codes in the lobby area of the school where parents picked up their children. These posters would include a code that linked them to the home page of school and the events calendar. My thought was that parents could scan the code to see what events were occurring at the school while waiting for their children. However, I didn’t just want to post codes without at least some explanation of what they were in case parents were not familiar with them. Without any explanation at all, they would most likely go unnoticed and unused. I lack even the most basic graphic design ability, so I sought the expertise of our district’s graphic artist to produce a small poster that included the QR code, a brief explanation of what it was, how to use it, and possible apps to use. Here is what she came up with:











Feedback and/or questions welcome!


3 responses to “QR Codes…the beginning

  1. That’s a great, succinct post on QR codes. QR codes are definitely very popular right now, and can be used in education to engage students. In fact I posted about ways to use QR codes in the classroom in a recent blog post: http://teachbytes.wordpress.com/2011/09/20/qr-codes-in-the-classroom/

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