QR Codes…the next step

In my previous post, QR Codes…the beginning, I outlined how we began using QR codes in one of our elementary schools. The posters  were up for scanning and we seemed to have worked out some of the bugs. We were now ready to begin using QR codes to link to student-created content.

It has been a vision of mine since my time as a middle school language arts teacher to have students create book reviews that other students could access to determine if they might be interested in reading it. Using this premise, I approached one of our elementary school librarians (Mrs. Bingaman) that I knew was interested in using technology and would be willing to dedicate some time to this endeavor. She was totally on board and eager to begin working with the students. We decided to elicit the help of the gifted education teacher (Mrs. Manley) as well. A graphic organizer was developed for students, which provided students a guideline to follow for their book reviews. Students then wrote and recorded their reviews using GarageBand.

Once we had student content ready to go, we used our district WordPress server to create a blog to host the reviews. Our blog site is called Red Mill’s Digital Dolphins. From this point, we just needed to create a QR code for the URL of each of the book reviews. When you code URL’s, the shorter the URL, the cleaner QR code you get. With that in mind, we decided to use Google’s URL shortening site named goo.gl. Goo.gl has its advantages because when you sign in with your Google account it will keep a history of the URL’s you’ve shortened, as well as some statistics. These statistics include number of clicks, browsers, platform, and country for the day, week, month, and all time.

Our final step was to place the QR codes in a place where people could access them. We received permission from our District Library Instructional Advisor to place the QR codes on the actual book the student reviewed. Now there is a book review attached to each library book that has a code on it. Students can now listen to a book review of the book before checking it out or listen to the review at home on a mobile device.

Thoughts/feedback/questions are welcome.

Book Talk Graphic Organizer


4 responses to “QR Codes…the next step

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  2. Wow, great blog Chris! I am very excited to use QR codes in my library in September. I love the idea of the book reviews. Would it be possible to post the graphic organizer for the book reviews? This would be must appreciated. Thanks!

    • Thanks, Jessica. I appreciate the positive feedback. I have attached the graphic organizer to the bottom of the post. Please share your experiences from the upcoming year. I would love to hear about it!

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