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Google Advanced Image Search

This post will show you how to do a Google Advanced Image Search in order to find images that are licensed to be used in student work. It is important that we teach kids how to be good digital citizens. Enter Creative Commons (or CC). CC allows owners of images, music, video etc. to basically ‘give away’ some (and sometimes most) of their rights to their work. Watch this screencast to see how you do an advanced image search using Google and where to find the license once you locate images.

If you’d like to learn more about Creative Commons, check out CreativeCommons.org and Wikipedia’s entry on Creative Commons.

Special thanks to Laurie Vitale (@lauriev88 on Twitter) for her contributions to this post.

TTP #21 Advanced Google Image Search from Chris Hyde on Vimeo.


Jump Into Spotlight

Spotlight (software)

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Spotlight on your mac is a great feature and one that seems to be underutilized by many! If you’ve ever saved a file but aren’t sure where you saved it, jump into Spotlight. Ever cleaned off your desktop and now two months later you need a file but can’t remember where you put it? Jump into Spotlight. Sometimes when you download something you have no idea where it went; Spotlight can help you find it. Spotlight can help you find files, folders, applications, emails, calendar events, movies, images, and more. You can search by title, keywords, or even specific file type. Find a definition without opening the Dictionary application with Spotlight and even do math computations without the Calculator! This screencast can show you how Spotlight can help you with all of these things and more. Hopefully it will encourage you to take advantage of this great feature on your Mac.

Screencast created with Camtasia for Mac

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Podcasting with GarageBand

I recently polled my Twitter network for some Mac specific podcast ideas. I received a great response! Special thanks to @paulrwood, @tonyvincent, @dianekrause, @carrievenable, @misterlamb, and @drezac – I now have a list of about 11 podcasts to knock out. The first one I decided to tackle was the one I thought was most challenging and that was to do a podcast on how to podcast. I used iShowU to record myself using GarageBand to create a podcast. I used a “This Day in History” theme to demonstrate some podcasting basics because I thought this was an authentic task that could actually be used in a classroom. I’m hopeful there is enough information included to get you started. I’ve included not only the screencast itself but also a LiveBinder of resources that may help in the podcasting process.

Please feel free to provide any feedback! Thanks and I hope this is helpful.

Podcasting Resources LiveBinder

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Where is that symbol on my Mac?

Photo courtesy of: flickr.com/photos/declanjewell/

Sometimes when you’re working on a document you really want to type the cent, degree, or Pi sign instead of writing it in by hand or spelling it out in the document. This would be tremendously helpful if you just knew where they were on the keyboard. This tutorial is designed to show you exactly how to find the ¢, ˚,  π sign and more! This screencast will help you set up easy access to these keys and how to use them.

Keyboard Characters Handout

Mac Screenshots

Taking screenshots on a Mac is super easy. I use them for lots of different reasons: showing what something should look like, sending an error message for help, or taking a shot of something new I bought online to share. There are several ways to take screenshots on a Mac and here is a quick screencast and handout. Hope this helps!

Screenshot Handout: Mac Screenshot Commands


Earlier this school year, I revived a podcast idea that a former colleague and I developed. We wanted to create simple tech tips for teachers to access and use on their own. She started the podcasts and kept them going until she moved on to another school district. The Tech Tips Podcast went on a bit of a hiatus. Throughout this school year, the Instructional Technologists in our department were struggling to find time to work with teachers, so I decided to resurrect what I thought was a valuable resource for teachers. We updated the format to include some screencasts using a program called iShowU, as well as, instructional handouts. I thought offering them to a wider audience might be beneficial. So here is the first installment of what I hope is a regular sharing opportunity. I hope they help!

Zoom Feature Handout